How to Write an I'm Sorry Letter for Lying to Your Parents

One of the worst things you can do is lie to your parents. Lying breaks their trust with you and it can also cause major tension in your family. One way to smooth things over is to write your parents a letter of apology. Writing a letter allows you to think through your feelings before you write them down. An apology won't always make things right, but if you are sincere, it is a start.

Consider your options before writing an apology letter. Are there other alternatives, such as a face to face meeting, that would be more appropriate? A letter works well if you are not on speaking terms.

Choose standard printer paper for your letter. If you use printed paper or anything other than standard white, it could take away from the message that you are trying to convey.

Begin writing your letter as a note. There is no need to include a return address on the letter unless your parents do not have your current address. Include the date at the top right hand side of the page. You can skip many of the rules and formalities of standard letter format and concentrate on the message itself.

Begin your letter the way you would address your parents face to face. Start the letter "Dear Mom and Dad". Address them the way you have always addressed them. Calling them by name for an apology is too formal unless this is the way you have always addressed them.

Provide a detailed explanation of the situation. It's often good for your parents to be able to see your side of how things played out.

Admit that you have hurt them and that you take responsibility for the pain that you have caused. Acknowledge that the bad feelings are your fault.

Give a statement of your regret over what happened. Tell why you regret hurting them. Explain how much your parents mean to you.

Ask your mom and dad to forgive you.

Promise your mom and dad that you will not lie to them again. Explain that you do not intend to cause pain like that again.

Offer to do something that would make up for the pain that you caused. Find out how you can build their trust back.

Close your letter with "Love" or "Sincerely" and then sign your first name. Again, there is no need to sign your last name with your parents.

Mail the letter and wait for a reply or hand deliver and speak to your parents in person about the event. If you mail your letter include your return address on the outside of the envelope in the upper left hand corner. Your parents name and address should be centered on the outside front of the envelope. Use formal names on the envelope.