How to Honor Your Deceased Mother

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Grief Journals
  • Photo Albums

How to Honor Your Deceased Mother. Mother's Day can be a sad time for those people whose mothers are no longer living. There are many ways to honor a deceased mother or grandmother on Mother's Day, though, and to keep her memory alive within your family and the circle of friends who also loved her.

Step 1

Talk about your mother with people who remember her ' go over happy and touching memories, funny stories, and special family moments from the past. Try not to dwell on the sad parts of your family history ' Mother's Day should be a time to celebrate your mother's life and achievements.

Step 2

Bring out pictures of your mother, and show them to other family members, with a request that they hold her image in their minds as they celebrate Mother's Day.

Step 3

Ask your family members to contribute their own memories of your mother. If your children were very young when she passed away, talking about their grandmother frequently may help them to remember her as they grow older.

Step 4

Consider taking flowers to your mother's grave, if it is close by. Even if you believe that the spirit of your loved one does not stay in the place where she is buried, laying some flowers on her grave may make you feel closer to her.

Step 5

Spend some time alone if you can, thinking about your own childhood, and remembering your mother in your own special way. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, a few minutes of quiet meditation can help to keep your memories of your mother alive.

Step 6

Do something your mother would have enjoyed on Mother's Day ' if she loved to garden, visit a local botanical garden or nursery. If she loved the water, take a walk on the beach with your family.

Step 7

Give a Mother's Day donation to your mother's favorite charity in her name. This is a wonderful way to help others while honoring her memory.


  • Make a photo collage for yourself, your children, or your siblings, as a lasting tribute to your mother. Place your favorite photographs of your mother in a frame with multiple mat openings, or create a base for the pictures yourself, using a special piece of lace or fabric, or some beautiful handmade paper.


  • Try to find someone to talk to about your feelings if you find that Mother's Day depresses you ' you shouldn't have to face your grief alone. A close friend or family member may be glad to help out, and may help you deal with the emotional impact of the other Mother's Day celebrations going on around you.