Nutritional Facts on a King Size Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar

Citing Rising Cost Of Ingredients, Hershey's Raises Prices 8 Percent

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Hershey's milk chocolate is an all-American classic. The recipe was formulated by Milton S. Hershey in the early 20th century, and Hershey factories have been cranking out chocolate candies ever since. The king-sized milk chocolate bar is one of the largest Hershey candies on the market. While a couple of squares are OK as an occasional sweet treat, eating the whole bar isn't advisable. The creamy chocolate is full of fat, sugar and hundreds of calories.

Calories and Fat

A whole king-sized bar has 370 calories, with more than half of those coming from fat. The total fat content is 22 grams, which constitutes 34 percent of the recommended daily value. Thirteen grams are saturated fat, the unhealthy type of fat that can be detrimental to your cardiovascular system.

Protein, Sodium and Other Nutrients

The chocolate bar contains a surprising amount of protein, with 6 grams, or 12 percent, of the daily recommended value. With only 60 milligrams per serving, the bar's sodium content is minimal, but the bar does pack a whopping 41 grams of sugar. Hershey's king-sized milk chocolate bar also has 2 grams of fiber and 15 percent of the daily value of calcium. Otherwise, it's slim on nutrients.