Snickers Bar Ingredients

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The classic Snickers bar has been an American treat since 1930. This candy bar contains a large amount of fat, saturated fat and carbohydrates that come from its ingredients. A Snickers bar is relatively uncomplicated, and uses many common ingredients. Note that the elements of a standard Snickers bar differ from dark, peanut butter and almond varieties.

Milk Chocolate

The chocolate coating of a Snickers bar is milk chocolate made of many ingredients. The majority of the bar’s outside shell is made of sugar, followed by cocoa butter, chocolate, lactose, skim milk, milk fat, soy lecithin and artificial flavorings. All of these milk-derived products contribute to a Snicker bar’s high fat content. In fact, 130 out of its 280 calories are from the bar’s fat content.


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A handful of whole and halved peanuts are included in a Snickers bar. While peanuts do contain a healthy amount of vitamin E, vitamin B and protein, peanuts are also a natural source of fat. A significant portion of the bar’s protein is from its peanuts.


Snickers bars contain a variety of sugar compounds to increase the sweetness of the treat. A single bar contains 30 grams of sugar, and holds 12 percent of the daily recommended intake of carbohydrates. This makes a Snickers bar an excellent source for an energy boost.

Other Ingredients

The remaining ingredients in a Snickers bar are used to compile the delicacy. Salt, lactose, butter, milk fat, and egg whites help compose the bar’s rich flavors. Small amounts of artificial flavors are also added to the bar to round out its trademark taste. An allergy warning is on its wrapper to warn consumers that a Snickers bar may contain almonds.