Facts on Zest Bar Soap

Zest remains one of the most common household soap products in the United States. Zest offers a wide variety of beauty and personal hygiene products but is primarily known for its soap bars.


A brand of Procter & Gamble, Zest soap launched in 1958 with the debut of the Aqua Pure bar. Today, Aqua Pure remains the most popular bar of soap manufactured by Zest.


Zest offers bar soaps in a variety of scents, including Aloe Splash, Ocean Energy, Mint Explosion, Tangerine Mango Twist and Marathon.


Since its inception, Zest has marketed itself as a soap bar which does not leave behind soap scum or film. In fact, many people use Zest to remove soap scum build-up from shower doors.


In 2007, Zest debuted its ergonomic bar soap. This curved bar allowed consumers to get a better grip on the bar of soap.


Although not all Zest bar soaps are anti-bacterial, all are considered deodorant bars. This means they are perfumed or scented.