Cool Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day

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There are the traditional gifts of flowers and candy, but breaking the norm and wishing your loved one a happy Valentine’s Day in a cool way can be fun. These ideas take a bit more time to plan and execute, but the overall effect will be worth the extra effort. You can create a memorable Valentine’s Day for your significant other.

Heart Attack

Give your significant other a heart attack, by papering her bedroom, office or locker with hearts. Include a chocolate heart-shaped box of candy as well. Make a sign that says “I love you so much I gave you a heart attack.” On the bigger hearts, list reasons you appreciate your significant other. Spread hearts and confetti on the floor of the room as well.

Showered with Kisses

This can be done in an office, a bedroom or a locker as well. Buy several bags of Hershey’s Kisses. Buy one or two large kisses to decorate with as well. Sprinkle the kisses around the room. Create a sign with a lipstick kiss on it that says “Happy Valentine’s Day, I’ve Showered You with Kisses.” Include a card that tells your significant other how much you appreciate him.

Trail of Roses

This works well for a married couple or throughout the entire day. Begin by leaving a rose in the bathroom for her to find when she gets ready for work. Continue leaving a trail of roses at various areas throughout the house. Put some in her car, and have them delivered to her at work as well. On each rose put a letter, so she can unscramble the message.

Singing Telegram

A singing telegram with a delivery of flowers is one way to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day. You might be able to save money by contacting a local high school or college’s music department to hire someone to sing the song. Pick your song or his favorite song and a short message to be delivered after the song. If possible, arrange for someone to record the song and his reaction to the message.

Decorate the Car

Decorate your significant other’s car for Valentine’s Day. Use window paint that will not damage the paint of the card, and write a Valentine’s Day message on the window of the car. Tie a big pink bow on the antenna. If possible, decorate the interior of the car as well with paper hearts and pictures of cupid on the inside of the car.