How to Make Cakes With Candy Baked Inside

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Liven up your next special event with cakes that contain a surprise candy center. Be creative when it comes to choosing the types of candy to include, whether it's hard candies or softer, chewy treats. Chocolate cake mixes well with candy bars or peanut butter cups, while yellow cake will show off red hots, candy corn or rainbow gumdrops. Whether you use a favorite cake recipe or a boxed mix, candy can turn an average cake into a party centerpiece.

Step 1

Freeze soft or chocolate candies overnight. Skip this step for hard candies.

Step 2

Grease and flour a 9-by-13-inch cake pan or place cupcake liners in a cupcake pan. Preheat oven according to recipe or mix instructions.

Step 3

Prepare cake batter as directed and pour the batter into the prepared pan or liners. If using a pan, place removable cellophane tape from edge to edge of the top of the pan to mark off 12 squares for 12 individual servings. This technique will help guide the placement of the candies so that every serving contains one or more pieces.

Step 4

Take candies from the freezer and remove any foil or wrappings. If using larger candy bars, chop them up into smaller pieces. Dredge frozen candy in a bowl of all-purpose flour so that each piece has a light coating of flour.

Step 5

Press one large or several small candies in the middle of each serving square or cupcake, taking care to keep the candies away from the edges of the pan or liners. Make sure they are completely covered by the batter.

Step 6

Place the pan into the oven, keeping it level so the candies won't shift. Bake according to package or recipe directions, or until the cake is set and edges and tops are golden brown. The cake should spring back when you gently press your finger on the top. Avoid using a toothpick to test for cake doneness, as results may be affected by the gooey candy centers in the cake.

Step 7

Remove cake from oven and allow to cool thoroughly. Frost or decorate as desired.