Sample Wording for Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

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Somehow, it always seems when it comes to writing thank-you notes that your mind draws a blank. Writing bridal shower thank-you notes can be particularly challenging because the special event was all about you, the bride-to-be.


A bridal shower is about pampering and honoring you, the bride-to-be, and most gifts you receive will have been selected with care and with you in mind. Therefore, your thank-you notes must be personally handwritten to the recipient. They should specifically mention the gift and how you may use it. You want to have the gift-giver feel appreciated and glad to have given you the gift, so the more specific you are, the better. Use the word "you," not "everyone." Mention something that occurred during the shower, if you can, that involved the guest in a pleasant way, such as "sitting next to you and chatting was an extra gift in itself."

Your thank-you notes need to be sent out by mail quickly, and on nice stationery or purchased note cards. And notes for non-gift-giving attendees thanking them for coming are always classy.

What Not to Do

Do not write and send a generic type thank-you note, or one that is not handwritten. Do not send thank-you notes by email or text message. Even if the gift was cash or a gift card, specify what the card or money is planned to be used for so the giver feels appreciated. The more specific and personal you can be toward the gift-giver, the more appropriate the thank-you note is. And do not forget to send an extra special thank-you note to the hostess of your bridal shower.


"I am so glad you attended my bridal shower. Thank you so much for the expresso maker. We have the perfect spot in the kitchen for it and will be thinking of you every time we brew a cup."

"Thank you so much, Aunt Clara, for your generous gift of $50. It will be added to funds for purchasing a new bedroom set. It was wonderful to spend time with you and you really did deserve the prize for charades!"

"Thank you for sending the beautiful lingerie. I will feel like a queen when I wear it, and I'm sure Jim will be thanking you, too. I am sorry you were not able to attend my shower, but your thoughtfulness touches my heart."