How to Write a Thank You Note for Anniversary Gifts

Thank you note

Carlos Arranz/iStock/Getty Images

Say thank you for an anniversary gift with a note sent a couple days after you open the gift. In the note, focus on expressing your gratitude and make specific reference to the gift and why you appreciate it. Although saying thanks via email is better than not at all, a handwritten note provides the person with a personal touch that helps to convey your appreciation.

Express Your Appreciation

A greeting, such as, "Dear," is a warm way to begin your note. Be careful about spelling the person's name correctly; a mistake in this area can show a lack of effort. Get right down to business by saying thank you for the gift and explaining why you're thankful. For example, you could say, "Thank you so much for the anniversary money. It will definitely come in handy." Including some context helps to bring your words to life. For example, write that the money will help you with your upcoming kitchen remodel. Use an appropriate closing, such as, "Many thanks," to end your letter before you sign your name.