How Much Cash Do You Give for a Graduation Gift?

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Giving cash as a graduation gift is increasingly popular. Graduates can spend the money as they choose, and money is always appreciated. Deciding how much to give can be difficult.

Relationship with Graduate

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When deciding on a graduation gift, consider how close you are with the recipient. Close family members or friends usually give more money than distant relatives. Hallmark Consumer Research conducted a survey and found that 67 percent responded that close relatives should give at least $50, and 88 percent believed that $25 for distant relatives was acceptable.

Personal Situation

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When giving a gift your personal finances should guide you. A gift is a personal way to acknowledge a special milestone in the graduate's life so give an amount that is comfortable for your lifestyle and finances.

Graduation Parties

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If you are giving a gift because you are invited to a graduation party, decide whether you are attending. If you are unable to attend, a gift is unnecessary, especially if you are not a close relative.