How to Thank Someone for a Monetary Gift

When you receive money as a gift from someone, you need to write a thank-you note to express your gratitude. Although a thank-you note is typically supposed to specifically describe the gift you received, etiquette rules are different for monetary gifts. You are not supposed to mention money at all in the card, and you are definitely not supposed to list the amount of the gift. Follow a basic framework when deciding what to include in your thank-you note.

Write, "Dear" followed by the person's name. Use the name by which you would ordinarily address the person, whether it is a first name for a close friend or family member or "Mr. and Mrs. Jones" for a distant acquaintance.

Write a sentence expressing your thankfulness for the "generous gift." If the gift was for a specific occasion, you can include that as well. For example, you could say, "We are so thankful for your generous wedding gift."

Write a sentence mentioning what you bought with the money and how much you like that item. Gift-givers typically like to know what purchase they helped fund. For example, you could write, "Your gift was so helpful in purchasing a leather love seat for our apartment. We love cuddling on it as we watch our favorite television shows."

Write a sentence that mentions the event at which you received the money and your desire to see that person again. For example, write, "We enjoyed talking with you at our wedding and hope you enjoyed the weekend. We are planning to be in Seattle this Christmas and hope to see you again then."

Write a closing expression, such as "Love," "With appreciation" or "Sincerely" and sign your name.