How to Ask Someone for a Gift Receipt in a Polite Way

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Almost everyone has received a gift at some point in life that she does not like or is broken, the wrong size or something he already owns. You then struggle with the question of how to ask the giver for a gift receipt in a polite way. The verdict is still out on this one. Many people believe it is fine to ask for a gift receipt and to tell a little white lie to the giver; others frown at the thought of asking someone for a gift receipt, believing it is not proper or an insult to the giver, who will know instantly that your intention is to return or exchange the gift.

Preempt your need to ask for a gift receipt by calling the store where you believe the gift was purchased and asking about their exchange and refund policies. If possible, do the return or exchange without having to ask the giver for a gift receipt. If you need the receipt, move on to step 2.

Let the gift giver know how much you value her gift; you may tell her, however, that it arrived broken and you need the gift receipt so that you can exchange it for a replacement. Some gift items are prone to arriving broken, such as glass, crystal and electronics.

Tell the gift giver that you adore the outfit he sent but that unfortunately, it came torn, is the wrong size, or that you would prefer it in another shade. Tell him that you would deeply appreciate it if he would be so kind as to send you the gift receipt for a hassle-free exchange.

Inform the gift giver how much you cherish the gift, but that you received duplicates or already had one and would love to be able to exchange it for something else if only you had the gift receipt.