The Etiquette for Gifts for a Second Marriage Reception Months After Vows

Wedding Gifts

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Second wedding receptions are becoming more and more common, especially among couples who have destination weddings or who have families separated by great distances. Customarily, the first reception is held immediately following the wedding, and the second reception is held weeks or even months later for those who were unable to attend the wedding.

The Giving of Gifts

If you are invited to a wedding, you are expected to give a gift, although the choice to do so is always at the discretion of the guest. Usually, wedding gifts are sent directly to the couple's home either before or after the wedding, but in some cases, gifts are brought to the reception. If you were invited to the wedding and already gave the couple a gift, you do not need to bring one to the second reception. If you were not invited to the wedding and were invited to the second reception, it is up to you whether you want to bring a gift or not. Etiquette states that only people invited to the actual wedding are expected to give the couple a gift.