Funny Things to Write in a Valentine's Day Card

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Valentine's Day gifts are a chance to show your love, but if you value laughs in your relationship, the message in the card that accompanies your gift is an opportunity to also tickle your spouse or partner's funny bone. Even if you want to convey a sincere, love-filled message, don't shy away from injecting it with your comical flair.

Playful Comparisons

If your spouse playfully gives you a hard time for your die-hard love of a certain topic, such as shoes, coffee or football, play on this dynamic in your card. For example, say, "My love for you is at least twice as big as my shoe collection," or, "If I had to give up you or coffee, I'd give up coffee ... Just don't make me prove it." A gentle tease, such as, "I love every moment with you, provided it's not during Sunday football," can also lead to a smile.

Roses Are Red ...

The traditional "Roses Are Red" poem is silly, but it's effective in that it provides a simple foundation for you if writing poetry isn't within your wheelhouse. Think of a word that rhymes with "you," and then work that word into a sentence. For example, write, "Roses are red, violets are blue. When our hearts met, mine instantly grew." Or, write, "Roses are red, violets are blue. Let me show you how I'll love you all the night through."

Joke About the Future

A Valentine's card is an opportunity to share your dreams for the future. To take a funny approach, provide futuristic thoughts with a twist. For example, say, "I'll love you even when we're toothless and forget our own names," or, "When we're 100, each of my wrinkles will love each of your wrinkles." Playful, risque comments are also effective. For example, write, "I'll take care of you when you're 100; let me give you a sponge bath now to prove my skill as a caregiver."

Famous Words

If you have trouble coming up with an original, funny phrase, turn to some notable quotes that summarize your feelings, or find a quote and tweak it to suit your relationship. Funny quotes include: "I love you like a fat kid loves cake," "We go together like teenage girls and boy bands," "Like bacon, you make life tastier" or, if your spouse or partner enjoys "Star Wars," "You're the Obi Wan for me."