What to Write on a Wedding Gift Enclosure

by Rachel Nall

While much attention is given to writing thank-you cards by the bride and groom, what about cards to the bride and groom? When writing a gift enclosure card, it is important to share personalized thoughts as to why your gift was chosen, well-wishes for the happy couple or memories you share of the couple. This approach gives special meaning to both your card and gift.

Salutation and First Few Sentences

After the Dear...greeting, the best place to start is to express you and your loved one's excitement over the special day. Examples may include:

• How thrilled we all are that two such special people have found each other. • We are so excited to share in your big day, and we know this will be a blessed marriage. • It is hard to believe that the young people we have watched grow up are now approaching on the next step in life's journey. • Congratulations, and thank you so much for including us on your wedding day.

How You Chose the Gift

Whether it's a place setting, gift for their home, or even a gift card, you chose the gift for a specific reason--because it was something from your heart. Even if it's not the most glamorous gift (trash cans and towels, anyone?), every one serves a purpose. Some sample sentences may include: • I know no one ever picks ____ off a registry list, so I hope this gift is useful to you in your new home. • I hope you all can use this gift card to purchase some new items for your home. • What a beautiful china pattern you have chosen--hopefully this will put you one step closer to completing your registry! Whatever your reason (even if it a humorous one), sharing your intentions provides a personalized touch.

Offering a Well-Wish

Your wedding gift enclosure does not have to be excessively long--just meaningful. You can wrap the card up by wishing the couple a bright future, sharing a quote that is especially meaningful to you or offering a piece of advice for a happy marriage. These examples include: • We truly wish you all the best for a happy marriage. • I keep a special quote in mind when it comes to love: __." • My mother always told me (and I have found that it's true!) that a happy marriage is based on trust and honesty--wishing you these things and so much more. After you include this statement, end with a closing, such as Love, Best, All Our Love, etc. If you are part of a larger family, having each family member sign could also provide an extra sense of personalization. A simple "The Smith Family" is also certainly acceptable and elegant.

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