One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Non-Married Couples

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The first year of any relationship is an exciting period. It's a time when you really get to know your partner, spend time together and look toward the future hand in hand. As you approach your one-year anniversary, you may be anxious about getting the perfect gift. How do you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend how much they mean to you? The possibilities are almost endless. When choosing a one-year anniversary gift, remember that the amount of money you spend isn't the most important thing. A thoughtful gift given with sincerity is sure to put a smile on any lover's face.

Experience a New Place Together

Taking your sweetheart on a romantic vacation is a good way to spend a one-year anniversary together. Getting away from your everyday schedules will allow you to focus on each other while exploring a new place together. If a romantic getaway is out of your budget, take your honey for a hike on a trail, a lunch on a beach or a picnic in a park. Remember that it's all about creating new memories together.

Write a Love Letter

As cliché as it may sound, an honest love letter can make for a very special, personal anniversary gift. It doesn't matter if you're a good writer or not -- just focus on expressing your true feelings. Write down how you feel about your partner, what you love about him, and how happy you are that he is a part of your life. You can also talk about some of your favorite moments from the past year and how excited you are to have more years together. Choose a creative way to present the letter, such as placing it in a decorative bottle or framing it with a nice picture of you and your sweetie.

Shout It From the Rooftops

Making a public declaration of your love is a one-year anniversary gift that will leave your partner blushing. Draft up a flyer or newspaper ad that tells the story of how you and your partner met or how you fell in love. In the notice, don't forget to wish your partner a happy one-year anniversary. Run the notice in your local newspaper or put flyers up all over town on the day of your anniversary. You could also consider using social media to spread the word about how excited you are to have hit the one-year mark.

Get Something Sentimental

Show your honey that you've been paying attention over the year by getting a sentimental gift. This gift could be his favorite childhood book, a painting by a favorite artist or concert tickets to see his favorite band. You could also give your loved one a gift certificate to his favorite store or restaurant, bake his favorite dessert or make his favorite meal. As long as it's something that you know is personal to your partner, it's sure to be a happy one-year anniversary celebration.