How to Celebrate a Deceased Wedding Anniversary

by Amie Taylor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Celebrating an anniversary without your spouse is perfectly acceptable.

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Even when your spouse has passed away, it's not unusual to have the desire to observe the anniversary of your wedding day. When your anniversary rolls around, take time out to fondly remember your nuptials and the happy years that you shared as a couple. While it may be a lonely day for you without your partner, there are ways to mark the day in a special way and in an upbeat manner.

Plan a special anniversary dinner with loved ones who knew your spouse. Invite your children, siblings, in-laws or close family friends out to a special dinner to commemorate your wedding anniversary. Share fond memories over the meal.

Pull out and page through your old family photo albums, especially those containing pictures from previous anniversary celebrations. Gather with loved ones, and watch family movies from times gone by. Laugh and smile over the happy memories you shared.

Visit the cemetery and leave a special floral arrangement for your spouse. Express any sentiments to your spouse that you would as if she were still alive. Take along a friend for support, or go alone if you feel more free to express yourself that way.

Place a memorial advertisement in the local newspaper to honor your spouse. Certain newspapers offer this option next to the obituaries. Include a poem or special message to your spouse. Clip the advertisement, and place it in a special frame or scrapbook.

Ask for a special prayer for your deceased spouse at your house of worship. If you're Catholic, request that the Mass be dedicated to your spouse that day, or if you're Jewish, light a special 24-hour candle for yahrzeit -- a special observance on the anniversary of a death.


  • Celebrate your wedding anniversary in a way that was special to the two of you. Serve and eat a slice of the fresh, homemade strawberry pie that was his favorite as a special tribute.

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