Ideas to Celebrate a 14-Year Wedding Anniversary

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When celebrating your 14th wedding anniversary, you may wish to give your spouse a traditional or a modern gift. Ivory is considered to be the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift, and gold is the modern present. In addition to these modern and traditional gifts, you can also schedule a romantic getaway. You can also give your spouse 14 romantic or personalized gifts to mark the passing of your anniversary.

An Ivory Party

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Ivory is listed as being a traditional gift for the 14th anniversary; however, since ivory is obtained from endangered species, opt to take that ivory theme in a different direction. Plan a party to celebrate your 14 years of marriage and hold that party at your local piano bar. As the pianist tickles the ivories, take time to dance with your spouse.

An Anniversary Trip

Save for your anniversary and take your spouse on a romantic 14-day getaway. You can take a 14-day cruise and enjoy both the high seas and exotic locales like the Caribbean or the Panama Canal. You can also plan a 14-day trip to your spouse's favorite foreign county. Your anniversary will be the perfect time to take a long-awaited trip. Tell your travel agent that this will be an anniversary trip, and she will be able to add special event dinners and activities in your itinerary.

Modern Gift: Gold

If you'd like to give your spouse a modern gift on your anniversary, focus on gold. You can give your wife an engraved locket or an engraved watch. For your husband, you can purchase 14k gold cuff links or a 14k gold tie tack. Plan a romantic evening at your favorite restaurant and present the golden present at the end of the meal.

14 Gifts

If you'd like to be more creative, then focus on the number 14 and give your spouse 14 presents geared specifically to his hobbies or interests. You can give him 14 collectors' baseball cards or 14 bottles of his favorite wine. For your wife, you can give her 14 red roses or a box filled with an assortment of 14 chocolates. You can also give your spouse a memory book that covers the previous 14 years of your marriage.