How to Remember the Birthday of Someone Who Has Passed

Though someone has passed away, it does not mean the memory of him dies. One way to remember the person is by celebrating his birthday. This doesn't have to be a large, extravagant party, but just a small thing you (or your family) do every year to remember this person. It's just a token to show that the person was important to you and to thank them for making an imprint on your life.

Start a tradition to take flowers to the person's grave every year on his birthday. Purchase his favorite flowers or a balloon to place on the gravestone.

Prepare a meal for your family consisting of his favorite food. Go around the table and share a happy memory. Complete the meal with a birthday cake or an extra dessert treat he loved.

Gather a small group of family and friends and share an activity on his birthday. For example, if he loved baseball, attend a game or make a picnic lunch at a park with a baseball diamond.

Hold a charity event, and donate the proceeds to his favorite charity. For example, hold a bake sale at your local church or school.