A List of Ten Things to Do on Graduation Day

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Graduation day is a special day to commemorate with family and friends. Most schools host formal commencement ceremonies and other special events for graduates to celebrate this rite of passage. In addition to these festivities, you may want to accomplish at least 10 other activities and tasks on graduation day.

Alma Mater

Memorize your alma mater. Since you will likely be asked to recite this at the graduation ceremony, take a few minutes in the morning to commit it to memory. That way, you won't have to defer to your program.


Get your hair cut or styled professionally. Graduation is a formal occasion for which you want to look your best. Further, you are bound to appear in a lot of pictures, so schedule a quick appointment before the ceremony.

Diary Entry

Write an entry in your journal or diary. Take time to reflect on this moment in your life. Record your thoughts about the past and your hopes for the future. Document any goals or aspirations that you want to accomplish.


Use verse to creatively express your feelings of pride, nervousness, accomplishment and hope. Tuck the poem away in a safe place where you will be sure to recover it down the road.

Time Capsule

Make a time capsule. Fill a shoe box or small suitcase with items that document this period of your life. For instance, place a graduation ceremony program, newspaper, magazine issue, photograph, T-shirt, mixed CD and other items that represent the day as well as the interests and hobbies that you have enjoyed as a student.


Have a party. Invite family members and friends to celebrate your special achievement. Toast graduates by having guests take turns contributing words of wisdom. Invite graduates to share a favorite memory or funny moment experienced in school.


Have your picture taken with your family and friends. Even if you dread posing for photographs, you may one day look at these photographs nostalgically.


Visit a teacher, professor or mentor that meaningfully impacted your experience. For instance, visit a thesis adviser or an athletic coach with whom you developed a close relationship. Thank this person for his instruction and let him know how much you appreciated his insights.


Take a stroll down the halls of your school or around the campus. Visit your locker, dorm room or favorite nook of campus one last time, as you may never get a chance to return.

Alumni Outing

Go on a short cruise or special outing with fellow graduates. For instance, visit a local amusement park after the graduation ceremony. Celebrate your achievements in the company of other alumni.