Fun Question Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

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Question games are revealing and effective tools to help create laughter and break the ice. Games such as Truth or Dare have been helping couples get to know each other for years. Keep questions for your boyfriend uplifting. You don't want to discourage or embarrass him. Ask questions that are funny, sexy or serious, that give him room to talk about who he is as a person.

No Words

This game is played by the agreement that nothing "NOT stated" is ever discussed after the game is over. Agree before beginning the game that nothing will never be held against the person who "doesn't" answer.

The game begins with two full glasses of a drink of the couple's choice. Begin by asking questions. The boyfriend is not allowed to answer with words. One sip from the drink signifies "Yes" answers and two sips signifies "No." Ask direct questions, such as, "Did you think I was cute the first time we met?" Be as funny, serious or sexy as you wish until his glass is empty, and then turnabout is fair play.


A game of trivia with your boyfriend offers you a chance to show that you are not just a pretty face. You can play classic board trivia or online trivia games and answer questions with him about movies, sports, or television. Bible trivia is available for Christian couples. Romance trivia, geography, food and car trivia, to name a few, can make for a lively evening game with one couple or two.

20 Questions

The game 20 Questions is always effective when two people are getting to know each other. It's especially successful if a prize--such as a kiss or another date--is offered for the person who answers all 20 questions truthfully. The questions can be of a random nature or they can be drawn from a theme, such as questions that are funny, sexy, or serious. Ideas can include the following examples:

What is the silliest dream you have ever had?

If zombies were chasing you, what would you do?

What was your nickname when you were young? Why?

Perfect Date Quiz

Another way to get to know your boyfriend better and to assess your compatibility is to take the Perfect Date Spot Quiz together at Seventeen Online. For accurate results, take the quiz separately and don't share answers. Compare the results to discover how your answers match up. Choose one of the perfect date spots to enjoy on your next date.