Adam & Eve Games for Kids

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The biblical story of Adam and Eve takes children back to the beginning of the human race. According to the Book of Genesis, the first human beings weren't satisfied with their perfect world or their open friendship with God. They spoiled everything by insisting on doing the one thing God told them not to do. Games help children to connect with this foundational Bible story.

Hide and Seek

Adam and Eve had a special relationship with God, but once they ate the fruit of good and evil, they realized they had broken God's law. They hid, and God searched for them. Play a game of hide and seek with the children. Everyone hides as Adam and Eve hid from God; the seeker must find them or catch them before they touch home base. As another option, make a word search, hiding words from the Adam and Eve story among other letters in a square or other shape. Divide the children into teams. The team that finds the most words in a set amount of time wins. Children can also play this game as individuals.

All About Fruit

For a fruit relay game, place two baskets on chairs and divide the children into two teams. Across the room, put a basket on the floor for each team. One child stands by each of the fruit baskets. All the other children must keep their hands clasped behind their backs. One at a time for each team, the children go to their team member by the fruit baskets and turn around so the child can reach a fruit and place it in the child's clasped hands. The child with the fruit must then hurry across the room and drop it into the other basket. The team with the most fruit at the end of a defined time period wins. For another game, print a large picture of Eve with the fruit; back it with cardboard or Styrofoam, or attach it to a bulletin board. Make a large picture of fruit. Blindfold the children, turn them around, and have them try to attach the fruit to the correct place on the picture -- Eve's hand.

Find the Snake

Satan spoke through a snake, tempting Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She did, and God cursed the snake to crawl forever on the ground. Hide plastic snakes in the room, divide the children into groups and have them search for the snakes. The group that finds the most snakes wins. For a variation, provide concordances for the children or have them use the concordance in the back of their Bible. Divide the children into groups and have them find as many Bible verses as they can about snakes or serpents. Have them read the verses. The group with the most verses in a stated amount of time wins the game.

All Mixed Up

Print a copy of the Adam and Eve story. Cut the paper into even-sized strips, mix them and put them into an envelope. Make an envelope for each child, or if you have a lot of children, divide them into groups and make an envelope for each group. The object is to be the first person or group to assemble the story. As a variation, make a word scramble by choosing words from the story such as Adam's and Eve's names, snake, tree, fruit and garden. Mix up the letters; the child who figures out the words first wins.