Fun Easy Easter Games for 3 Year Olds

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Easter games are the perfect way to burn off that sugar high that a group of three-year-old children has from eating too much candy. Create games that are easy for the youngsters to understand and award prizes to game winners as an incentive to play. Easter games are sure to be a big hit with three-year-olds, while creating lots of laughs and memorable moments.

Egg Color Hunt

Hide solid color eggs around the backyard or party area. You should have at least one of each color egg for each child. Tell the children when you shout a color they must go find that color of Easter egg. If you use plastic eggs, place a small prize inside the egg. If the child finds the correct color egg, he can keep the prize inside the egg.

Bunny Hop Relay Race

Divide the little ones into two teams and have them stand at a starting line. Place a finish line about 15 feet away and place two Easter baskets on the line. Give each child an Easter egg (hard-boiled or plastic). When you say, “Go,” the first two players must hop (like an Easter bunny) to their team Easter baskets and place their eggs in the basket. Each must run back and tag the next player in line who has to do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race and have all their eggs in the team basket wins the game.

Bunny Hunt

Instead of hunting Easter eggs, have the children hunt Easter bunnies. You can use chocolate candy bunnies (wrapped) or plastic toy bunnies. Plastic toy bunnies are available at most party supply stores and online. Hide the bunnies all over the party area. Give each three-year-old a small plastic sack, such as a goody bag. When you say, “Hunt,” the children have to find as many bunnies as they can and place them in their bags. The player who finds the most bunnies wins a prize. All players can keep their bunnies to take home.

Egg Match

Use plastic eggs or cut eggs out of construction paper. If you use construction paper, cut the eggs in half. Hide all the egg halves and tell the children to find two egg pieces that match. If a child can bring you an egg match, award him a prize. Tell the children that the plastic eggs halves have to match, too.