How to Use a Colander to Remove Persimmon Seeds

persimmon pieces image by Daria Miroshnikova from

You can remove seeds from ripe persimmons using a common household colander. The red-orange persimmon fruit resembles a ripening tomato but grows on the branches of a tree. Persimmons have a flavor similar to a mango and become sweet when they are fully ripe. The four to six dark seeds in the flesh of each persimmon must be removed along with their caps and peels to make a seedless pulp for drinks and cooked foods.

Peel the green or brown caps from the tops of the persimmons and wash the outer fruit in cold water.

Place the clean persimmons on a cutting board and slice them into equal quarters.

Lower a colander into a large mixing bowl. A colander with pedestal legs that keeps it above the bottom surface of the bowl works best for this application, though almost any colander will do.

Press individual quarters of the persimmon into the holes of the colander with the peel side facing up. Twist the fruit wedge until the flesh releases from the skin.

Push the persimmon pulp through the colander. Pick out the persimmon seeds that remain in the colander. Search through the pulp that passed into the mixing bowl to make sure no seeds made it through.