How to Get Iron Marks Out of Clothes

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When you're ironing your clothes, all it takes is a moment's distraction for the hot metal plate to scorch the fabric. That nasty burn mark might look permanent, but if you treat it properly, it's possible to get rid it completely. Oxidizing products such as hydrogen peroxide and oxygen bleach help to break down burn marks and make them disappear. You can remove the mark even it's had time to set, but cleaning is easier if the stain is fresh.

Step 1

Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a glass.

Step 2

Use an eyedropper to collect a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Squirt the peroxide directly onto the burn marks.

Step 3

Put one or two drops of ammonia on the burn marks.

Step 4

Allow the peroxide and ammonia to soak into the stain for up to an hour, but don't let the garment dry out. Keep wetting the burn marks with peroxide and ammonia as necessary.

Step 5

Rinse the garment with cool water, then put it in the washing machine and launder with oxygen bleach.