How to Get Iron Marks out of Nylon

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Nylon has delicate synthetic fibers which can easily be susceptible to iron burn marks if the temperature exceeds low heat of one to two iron setting degrees. A burned or scorched stain on nylon fabrics leaves pesky marks that may seem hard to remove. Fight a burn mark as soon as it appears using household items. These items can diminish the mark significantly or will leave any stains on nylon blouses, pants or sheeting completely undetectable.

Fill a bowl with 1/3 cup of hydrogen peroxide and lukewarm water and mix the solution well with your hand.

Dip the burn mark area into the solution, allowing it to saturate the stain for one to two minutes.

Set the iron temperature on low heat. Reiron over the dampended area until the burn scorth mark has faded.

Dip one end of a cotton swab into a bottle of white vinegar and gently rub the cotton swab on the faded stain. Repeat ironing over the stain at least five to eight times, continually pressing on the garment, until stain has completely vanished.

Apply a dab of lemon juice over the scorched stain, rubbing it in with a dry cloth if the mark has not completely disappeared. Allow the stain to set out in the sun for 30 minutes or once the stain has faded. Soak the garment in a cold water basin for 15 minutes. Wring it out and allow it to air dry.