How to Get Stains Out of Canvas

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Getting stains out of your favorite canvas shoes or bag doesn't need to be frustrating. Although canvas is highly absorbent and prone to staining, it's possible to get rid of the stain. If you spill on the canvas item or step in something that marks the canvas, try to take care of it before the stain dries. Then you can use different techniques to restore the canvas to its former glory.

Run a basin full of warm water.

Scrub with the brush to gently remove excess dirt from the canvas. Rotating the brush in circular movements will help remove the grime.

Rub some pH neutral soap on a clean cloth, and dip the cloth in the warm water.

Splash water on the canvas, and then use the cloth to scrub the stain from the canvas surface. Canvas will dry, so it does not matter that it gets wet, but avoid saturating the material with water.

Absorb excess water with the paper towels. Use the paper towels to wipe away the mud or debris you release from the fabric.

Apply a stain remover if the stain remains on the canvas, but check that it does not contain bleach as this can cause marks on canvas. Treat the surface of the canvas with the stain remover by following the manufacturer‘s instructions, and then wash it off using a cloth and warm water.

Allow the canvas to dry.