How to Announce You're Pregnant to Your Family Across the Country

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Announcing a pregnancy is an exciting event -- and you might wonder just how to share your joy with family members who live far away. With a little creative planning, you can make your announcement special for everyone -- and maybe even get to watch the surprised reactions on your far away family members' faces.

Video Journaling

Let your family enjoy some of your pregnancy experience with you by making a video journal from the beginning. You can set up the video camera when you first suspect you’re pregnant and let your family share in the anticipation as you set the timer and wait for a positive reading on the pregnancy test. Share your thoughts on video right afterward, too. You can then turn on the camera frequently and share your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy. You can also have a video made of your first ultrasound so you can send copies along to your family members, or splice it into your pregnancy video journal. Alternatively, you and your partner can make a short video together, announcing the news. When you’re ready to make the big announcement, send the video out in the mail.

Enlisting Some Help

Enlist the help of your other children to share the news with family members who are far away. You can have a shirt printed with a revealing announcement, such as, “I’m going to be a big sister,” or “Only child -- expires June 12, 2014.” Create the shirt yourself if you prefer with fabric pens or markers. Take a picture of your child wearing the shirt and send it off to spread the news. Alternatively, create a series of photos that lead up to the big announcement. Make several signs from poster board and write a portion of the message on each sign. Divide the announcement into sections, such as, "Guess what?" "I'm going to be" “A big sister!” Have your child or children hold up one sign at a time and snap a photo. If you’re announcing your first pregnancy, you can always enlist the help of a pet. Just print the announcement on a dog-size T-shirt or have him pose next to your series of signs.


Even though you and your family are miles apart, you can still share the news face to face -- or computer screen to computer screen. Set up your webcam and connect to them with an online video chat provider. Once you’re connected, you can blurt out the news and watch each family member’s reaction. If you don’t have a webcam, you can still send any announcement you like by email instead. Hit the "send" button while you’re chatting on the phone -- and have your family member take a peak while you’re still on the phone so you can hear their excited response.

Supplies and Demands

You can put together a small package of baby supplies, such as a onesie, a few diapers and a bib that says, “No.1 Grandma” or whatever title is appropriate. Wrap up all of the items like a gift and add a note, asking that your family member keep the supplies on hand for when you come to visit with the baby. Alternatively, create a check list of all the supplies your family will need when you come for a long visit with your new baby, such as, “Diapers and wipes so you can help me out with baby care, some bedtime stories for cuddle time -- and plenty of hugs and kisses to shower our newest family member with love.” Write out the list with a calligraphy pen, roll up the paper, tie it with a ribbon and send the scroll as your announcement.