Special Ideas for a Friend's 50th Birthday

femmes âgées image by Christophe Baudot from Fotolia.com

When friends are about to celebrate their 50th birthday, your first and most important decision is deciding how you want to honor them. Would they want a funny, large party where they are the center of attention? Or would they prefer a more quiet evening dinner with close friends and no gag gifts? Even if you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl, you can still obtain the answers to these questions without spoiling any surprises by contacting their spouse, one of their children, a sibling or a coworker. Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to start planning and shopping.

Personalized Memory or Photo Book

Nothing says “you’re special” like a birthday photo book, according to http://www.inkubook.com. This is why creating a book for your special friend is a way you can truly honor him on his special day with a keepsake that he will treasure forever. To get started, select a resource you find on the Internet, such as http://www.mixbook.com, http://www.pickaboo.com or http://www.inkubook.com. With any of these companies, you can use their pre-made templates and upload photos and captions. Some of these sites allow you to collaborate with friends, so they can upload photos and text content—be sure to review these sites and any others you find before making your choice. You can also choose between a hardback book or a soft cover, which is less expensive. When making your book, take some time to evaluate the photos you want to include to ensure that they will mean the most to the recipient. Feel free to contact family members for old photos you want to include.

Musical Tribute CD

If you have budget constraints, then this is a wonderful gift idea for you to make and give your special friend. It is easy to get started, says http://www.blazeaudio.com. You just need access to a computer with a CD player that can read and write CDs, and access to a wide selection of music that you have purchased either online or via CDs you own. After gathering all of your music, review it to select individual songs that will have special meaning to your friend. You may need to go online and purchase some individual songs such as ones that were popular when your birthday boy or girl was in high school and college. If the person is married, you can include “their” song or the song from their first dance at their wedding reception.

A Special Getaway

For this idea, you treat your friend to a special meal or trip that either just the two of you share, or you share with your respective spouses, partners or closest of friends. One tip is to keep it small and intimate so that you can celebrate your friend’s milestone birthday without a crowd. The best part of this gift is that it can work for nearly every budget. If you can afford it, splurge so that you and the birthday girl can spend a weekend at a spa resort. However, treating your friend to his favorite restaurant to celebrate his 50th can provide a wonderful evening. The key is to look at your budget and then get creative.