Fun Gifts for a Silent Auction at a Family Reunion

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Family reunions are an opportunity for family to come together and catch up with one another. They often include games, barbecues or even talent shows. Families may wish to host a silent auction during the reunion to raise money for another family member or just for fun. Fun items to place for bidding during a silent auction include a family scrapbook, family-name clothing set, family cookbook and a DVD of the family reunion.

Family Scrapbook

Collect photos from all members of the family, including the older members. Have each family member tell you a story associated with the photos, as well as her age in the photo. Purchase scrapbooking materials from an art store and create a family a scrapbook using the photos and information you have collected. The scrapbook should tell the story of your entire family and provide as much information as possible.

Customized Apparel

Have your family name silkscreened onto tee shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and pants for bidding during the silent auction. You can even have a velour sweatsuit embroidered with the family name for a chic look that also boasts family pride. Also, consider having iPod case decorated with the family name as a fun auction item that all members of the family will make use of. Have a variety of styles created for the auction to ensure that your items appeal to each of your family members for bidding.

Family Cookbook

Have members of your family provide you with their most prized recipes to create a family cookbook. Include photos of the dish, as well as stories of when the family members served the dish. For example, you may include a note next to each recipe that says "Aunt Clara served her famous macaroni and cheese at every Thanksgiving for the past 30 years." For the auction, have the cookbook bound into a hardcover book and include a family photo printed on the cover.

Family Reunion DVD

Have a family member record and edit the family-reunion activities as they occur. Be sure to capture each of the games played and meals served. Have each family member record a special message for the video as well. You may also include a photo slide show of family milestones like weddings, births and graduations at the end of the video. Auction the DVD as a way to remember the special times the family has shared together.