How to Create a Family Reunion Booklet

C. Johnson

Create a booklet to commemorate your next family reunion. Print it out and give it to family members at the reunion. Or save the document file on a CD for family members to print themselves. This booklet has four parts: introduction, personal family information, address book, and a family tree. It can also include photographs.

Send a letter to the families attending the event. Request that each family write several paragraphs on their family, such as where they are living, what they are doing, and other notable information. Ideally, this communication will be sent and received via email. This will make it easier for you to copy and paste the information they return into the booklet.

Remember to ask each family member to include his contact information, such as phone numbers, mailing address and email address.

Remember to ask each family member to include her complete name and birth date.

Remember to ask each family member to email you a digital image of his family to include in the booklet.

Create a document in Microsoft Word. In the beginning of the document write a brief introduction on the family and the upcoming reunion. Include the date and address of the family reunion. If you have a digital photograph of the reunion site, include it. If the reunion site is a resort or national park, you may find a suitable image online of the location.

Create a section in the document to paste each of the family stories you receive. If a family sends you a digital image of the family, include it with their story.

Create a section in the document to paste the contact information of the family members. This will be an address book section of the book.

Create a family tree section. If you have family tree software, create a family tree on the program by inserting the family member's names and birth dates. Link parents with children. After you have created the family tree, many programs will allow you to export the information into a document file, which you can paste into your document. Generate a descendant chart for the "head" of the family. For example, if the reunion is for the descendants of Great-great-grandfather Smith, generate a descendant chart for him.

Format and proof your document. Add a table of contents and design a cover. Page one will be the cover.

When you go to print the document, you will choose the option "book fold" on the print menu, and check the "manual duplex" box. This will create a 6 1/2- by 8 1/2-inch booklet that will print out on regular-sized paper. By choosing manual duplex, it will print out two pages on one side of the paper and will signal you to remove the page and reinsert them to print on the other side.

Bind the booklets by folding and stapling down the middle of the book.