Family Tree Book Cover Ideas

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

You have been putting together the puzzle pieces of your family history for a while now and have put together a family tree book in the process. Now all you need is a cover to convey the information inside. The cover for a family tree book can be either a simple design or one that includes details or photos from your family's history.

Tree Art

Use an artful representation of a large tree for the front of your family tree book. A simple tree drawing can work as an illustration. This tree can have a large trunk and be full with leaves, blossoms or just branches. Add the family's name or the names of the main ancestors who start the tree. The cover can also be a photograph of a tree, or anything that is artfully drawn.

Mapped Out

Because most ancestors have emigrated from different countries, a map of where your family is originally from can be included in your family tree book cover. Find a map of their country of origin, then pinpoint the area where your ancestors lived. Or include a map of the world and mark the places where everyone on the family tree is from to get a full representation of your family's origins.

Family Crest

If your family has a crest, place it on the front of your family tree book along with the family name. Find out what your family name means add this explanation to the cover of the book, below the family crest and name. Or include a brief written history about where your family came from.

Picture Collage

If you have several pictures of relatives or pictures from your family reunions, incorporate them into the front of your family tree book. Display them on the cover in a collage so that every part of the family is represented, if possible. If you have a large family or you can't put everyone's picture on the front, choose a few of the important ancestors from your family for the cover. Then place the family's name in the middle of the collage.