Family Reunion Activities for Cousins

by Wannikki Taylor

Every year, families plan reunions to interact with members they do not see on a day-to-day basis. Cousins, who may not know each other very well, are usually among these family members. Participating in fun activities and games can help cousins get better acquainted and give them lasting memories.

Get-Acquainted Games

Families can use icebreaker games to get cousins to introduce themselves and become familiar with each other. Have cousins participate in games like "Greedy People Are So Fun." Ask everyone to sit in a circle. Pass around a roll of toilet paper and allow each person to take as many pieces as he or she wants. Once everyone is done, tell players they must tell an interesting fact about themselves, such as their middle name or favorite food, for each piece of toilet paper they took.

Pie Eating Contests

Pie eating contests are a hilarious way for family members to have fun. Purchase pies of different flavors and varieties. Set up a table with the pies in a row. Have each cousin sit in front of a pie. Provide each participant with an apron to protect their clothing. On the words "Go," cousins start eating their pies without the help of utensils or hands. The person who eats the whole pie the fastest wins the game.

Family Group Photos

Photos are a great keepsake for everyone at a family reunion. Hire a photographer to take photos at a certain point during the reunion, such as a family picnic or dinner dance. Suggest that everyone wear their best outfits or a certain color. Have the photographer take pictures in specific groups, such as the youngest cousins, oldest cousins, tallest cousins. Collect every person's address so you or the photographer can send photos to them.

Family Scavenger Hunt

Hide several small items, such as shoes, tennis balls or candy. Have cousins break into pairs. Give out a list of hidden objects to each pair. The first pair to find all the hidden objects wins the game. For a different approach, compile a list of physical characteristics, such as blonde hair or green eyes. Have each pair find others with these physical traits. The pair that finds the most wins the game.

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