Type of Font Used on School Jackets

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Nothing says Big Man on Campus like a high school letterman jacket featuring your team name and number. A school jacket, or letterman jacket, is the article of clothing traditionally worn by a high school varsity team player that displays his name, team uniform number, school name and school emblem. It has become somewhat of a status symbol and is often saved for decades to come. With the right font, the letterman jacket can appear sophisticated and distinguished, while highlighting the name of the player who is wearing it.

What to Write

Traditionally, a letterman jacket includes the player's last name, his team uniform number, the school name or first letter of the school and its crest or emblem. These items are arranged on the jacket as follows: the player's number is displayed prominently on the back, with his last name bordering the top, while the school name or letter appears on the right-hand side of the front. Underneath the name is a small version of the team's icon, mascot or school emblem.

Alternatively, the player's number can be written on his arm, while the back displays the team name in large letters. The back is also used to show off accomplishments and victories, such as "State Champions 2011."

Traditional Font

Players take their letterman jackets seriously, as they often represent real accomplishments, hours of practice and effort and impressive skills on the field. To properly convey these emotions, the font should reflect the feelings of pride and accomplishment and be something that is taken seriously as well. Big-block letters are often the font of choice for that very reason. These large-and-in-charge letters tell the world that these players don't play games, but they mean business.

Other Fonts

If block letters don't appeal to you, there are other font choices to consider that can work just as nicely. One good choice is to match the jacket font to the font of your school logo. Your school logo is the sign, picture or design that is included in the letterhead of official school mailings and also appears on official school envelopes or emails. You can include this font design on the front of your jacket to give prominence to your school name and then match the team name, players' names and players' number to this font.

Another option is to choose a font that coordinates with your team name. For example, the "Tigers" might choose a font that looks scratchy and tough, like a tiger's claw, while the "Sharks" might opt for pointy letters that resembles a shark's teeth.

Fonts to Avoid

To convey the ferocity of your team and its players, you must choose a font that is serious, tough and loud. Letters that appear feminine or witty send a message to opponents that you are a team to be beaten. First impressions often set the tone for the remainder of the interaction, so you want to make sure that your first impression is impressive and intimidating. When you show up to the field in your school jackets, they will be the first thing that the other team sees.

Avoid fonts that are cursive, flowing or include lots of curlicues. A font that looks like handwriting can give off a casual, laid-back appearance that precludes seriousness and tough playing, so it should be avoided as well.