How to Wear Letterman Jackets After High School

high school senior image by Kathy Burns from

The letterman jacket is a classic piece of high school fashion worn by the school's jocks. Letterman jackets have a very recognizable design, often having leather sleeves with a different fabric for the rest of the jacket. Letterman jackets also feature the school's colors and patches of the school's logo and particular sports teams the owner participated in. Though you might think that wearing your letterman jacket after high school is a fashion faux paux, there are certain situations where it works.

Wear your letterman jacket to complete a "throw-back" or "old school" fashion look. Pair the jacket with thick rimmed glasses, street sneakers and a wide brimmed baseball cap to create an overall high-school chic look. For example, the dance group "Soul Supreme" from the TV show "America's Best Dance Crew" all donned letterman jackets in this manner for one of their June 2008 appearances on the show.

Wear your letterman jacket to sporting events. Parents who wish to wear their letterman jacket can do so when attending their kids' sports games, as the letterman jacket is associated with school sporting events. This is especially appropriate when viewing the sporting events of your high school alma mater.

Create an "indie" or "hipster" look by wearing your letterman jacket with skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and an over-sized beanie. Letterman jackets are often associated with older generations, so they can add an overall vintage feel to an outfit which is a common characteristic of indie fashion.

Use your creativity to pair your letterman jacket with other vibrant, unique fashion pieces. Remember that fashion is an individual expression and you do not have to follow any "rules" or "trends." Your own personal fashion should reflect your personality, your tastes or simply whatever mood you're in that day. All that really matters is that you wear your letterman jacket with confidence and are happy with the way it looks.