Clothes Ideas for Backwards Day

Across the United States, many schools allow their students to depart from the normal social conventions by hosting events such as Tacky Day or Backwards Day. These events give students a great degree of freedom to personally express themselves in a whimsical way. If your school is hosting a Backwards Day event and you are having trouble coming up with ideas, consider one of these interesting approaches.


Obviously, wearing your shirt backwards is a very simple task, but there are ways to enhance the experience. For a unisex approach, you can write the word "Hello" in large letters on the front of a plain, white T-shirt and the word "Goodbye" on the back. When you wear the shirt backwards, people will see "Goodbye" before "Hello." You could also go formal and wear a suit coat, shirt and tie or a blouse backwards.


Wear jeans or pants with pockets on the back, so that onlookers can readily observe that they are on backwards. Avoid sweatpants because it can be difficult to distinguish the back from the front with certain types. Beyond just wearing your pants backwards, be sure to place your wallets or cellphone in your back pocket. Also, make sure that you wear your belt with the buckle on your lower back to complete the backwards look.

Shoes and Socks

Shoes and socks are probably the most difficult items to tackle for a Backwards Day event, because it is not actually possible to comfortably wear these articles backwards. To solve this, you may need to find or purchase two old pairs of shoes that you are willing to destroy. Cut the backs from both pairs of shoes and tape them together so that one faces forward and the other backwards. For your socks, simply turn them inside-out.

Other Items

A backwards baseball cap is a must for any backwards clothes assemble. If you are wearing a shirt that has a pocket on it, be sure to put something in the pocket. Also, consider wearing a scarf backwards with the ends running down your back.