How to Find a Last Minute Prom Date

How to Find a Last Minute Prom Date. Whether you've found yourself in a situation where your planned prom date has fallen through or you simply waited until the day before to decide to go to prom, finding a prom date at the last minute is never easy. Although finding a date you'll have a good time with late in the game is tricky, it's not impossible.

Mentally scan through your friends of the opposite sex and figure out who already has dates. If, for some reason, you have a friend who doesn't have a date and wouldn't mind getting dressed up for a night out at the last minute, your problem is solved.

Call your friends to see if they know anyone who would be good for you. Though a blind date is never really a great idea on prom night, if you're relying on friends that you trust to set you up with someone, it should still be fun. Have them spread the word that you're looking.

Consider the guys in your class that you don't know well. If you're still without a date from your circle of friends, venture out on your own amongst the people in your school that you don't know. Find people in your class that don't have dates and see if they would be willing to go with you. If you find yourself at a loss with people in your own grade level, look for a prom date in the grade levels above and below you for a wider range of people.