How to Wear Graduation Cords

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Not only can all of the commotion surrounding graduation day be confusing, the protocol around the attire you are expected to wear can be confusing as well. Depending on your grades or the organizations and clubs you participated in while in school, you might be given graduation cords to wear with your cap and gown. Graduation cords are long, thin ropes, usually constructed of a nylon fiber that identify you as having a special status. Wearing them on graduation day is a way of proudly displaying that status.

Put on your graduation gown to specification.

Take the graduation cords out of their packaging and drape them over your neck and across your shoulders. If your gown has a collar, tuck the graduation cords underneath the collar of your gown.

Look in the mirror and check your graduation cords to make sure that they fall evenly on both sides down the outside of your gown.

Pin the cords in place with a safety pin in the back at right below the neckline or underneath your hood to ensure that the cords do not slip out of place or fall off.