What Is the Proper Way to Wear a Bow Tie & Wingtip Collar Shirt?

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Black tie and general formal attire can be quite frustrating for men, especially when it comes to making sense of all the accessories and garments associated with it. The collar style is one of the distinguishing factors in different styles of dress shirts. A wingtip collar is one of the most distinguished traditional shirts in which the collar has two points that fold down in the front, while the collar itself protrudes upwards around the neck. A bow tie is also one of the most common and traditional accessories used with a wingtip collar shirt.

Make sure the shirt is crisply pressed. The best method to get the shirt to look crisp is by sending it to a dry cleaner and asking them to add heavy starch. This way, the wingtips will point as straight as possible.

Put the shirt on. Most wingtip collar shirts have French cuffs and are also missing four buttons toward the top. Make sure to put on the cuff links first so that the sleeves do not hang and flap around. Then, button the shirt starting from the bottom and insert the tuxedo shirt studs into the remaining four holes. You will need to put the top stud on as well to close the shirt.

Put the bow tie on. There are two ways to wear a bow tie with a wingtip collar shirt, both of which give it a formal look. The style you choose depends on your preference. You can tuck the wingtips behind the bow tie or you can position them in a way that they stick out in front of the bow tie.

Wear a black tuxedo suit with this type of look. You can opt to either go for a cummerbund or vest. Both of these styles will maintain the formal look.