Creative Ways to Put Pins on Letterman Jackets

The Lettermen jacket is the best way to represent who and what you stand for off the playing field. Individuals receive pins based on honors (lettering, All-Conference, All-State, Team Captain) and place them on the jacket. Often the most common method is to place the pins somewhere inside the letter sewed on the left side of the jacket. This is very popular but lacks creativity or spunk. Consider these much more creative options.

Create your initial inside the Letter

If you have achieved a lot during your high school career you may have enough pins to form the first letter of your first name inside the letter on the jacket. Forming an initial with the pins will make the jacket unique and entirely personal to you, because no one will have a jacket both with the letter of the school and the first letter of your name. You can really wow your peers with both initials.

Place the pins on the back next to the last name

It's common to sew your last name on the back of the jacket. Individuals usually do this to separate the jacket from others and make it specific to them. Instead of placing the pins inside the letter on the front, you could place the pins on the back of the jacket under the name. Say you have five letters in your last name and five pins. Place one pin under each letter in the last name.

Create Patterns inside the Letter

Similar to creating an initial with the pins, individuals may create certain patterns or symbols inside the letter with the pins. For example, you could form a star with the pins to stand for "All-Star." You could form a football with the pins if that is your favorite sport or make a small wing if you play for the "Eagles."

Use the Pins as Buttons

The athlete could take out the old buttons from the jacket and use the pins as the actual buttons on the coat. You'll need at least three pins for this idea to work, however the more the better because they'll all be displayed on the front of the coat. If your parents do not know how to transform the pins into buttons, seek a professional coat designer or company that produces lettermen coats and inform them about your idea for a custom lettermen jacket.

Place the pins around the Collar

Most lettermen jackets have some form of a collar, even if it's quite small. One idea is to place some or all of the pins around the back of the collar. Say you won a few MVP awards or All-Conference honors. You could display those pins on the collar and the rest of the pins inside the letter on the jacket.