How to Make Punk Pants

Punk can be a music genre, a fashion statement or an attitude. There is no standard uniform for fashion. You can show your personality with a homemade T-shirt or even a pair of pants. There are many ways to express yourself through your clothing by adding patches, zippers or your favorite lyrics. It's about being creative and being unique, going against what's normal and making a loud statement for both guys and girls.

Start with your favorite pair of pants. They can be black skinny jeans, plaid pants, leopard pants -- anything you feel comfortable in.

Iron on or sew on any band patches you have and place them anywhere you desire. If you outgrow the pants or if they rip and you no longer can wear them, the patches can be taken off more easily if they are sewn on. Or for a less permanent look, you can use safety pins to attach the patches. Use as many safety pins as you'd like. There is no right or wrong way to do things when being creative.

Sew zippers diagonally across the legs or to the bottom of the leg by the ankle. You can also sew them on the rear end of the pants to make faux pockets. The zippers can be any length or color you desire, sewn on with black thread. You can also use colored thread for a contrasting look.

Write your favorite lyrics or symbols with a permanent marker anywhere on the pants that you'd like. This makes the pants more personal and unique. If you have spray paint, feel free to use that to make the symbols or words bolder.