The Proper Way to Wear Multiple Lapel Pins

by Jaime Swanson

Men often wear lapel pins to show the world what causes are near and dear to their hearts. Accordingly, men customarily wear these pins on the left side of their suits, closest to their hearts. If you have multiple lapel pins, take care to arrange them on your clothing in a respectful manner. However you choose to wear your pins, be sure they are displayed in a way that makes you the most comfortable.

Step 1

Put on your suit jacket so you can see where your lapels fall when you have the jacket on.

Step 2

Use your tie knot as a guide to place your lapel pins. Place your first lapel pin slightly below your knot, about an inch from the edge of your lapel.

Step 3

Place a second pin directly next to the first; if either pin is an American flag, the flag should be closest to your heart. Place a third pin below the first, on the outer edge of your lapel. Don't overcrowd your lapels.


  • If you are worried about holes in your suit jackets, find lapel pins with magnetic backings. If your lapels have buttonholes, place your pin through the hole.

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