What Kind of Crackers Do I Serve With Brie?

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Brie, a soft, creamy unpasteurized cheese, is an elegant addition to a cheese platter or even served alone. Its mild flavor makes it pair easily with many flavors, whether sweet or savory. There are a variety of crackers that pair well with brie but to get the match exactly right, consider whether you’ll be serving it solo or along with nuts, herbs, nuts or a sweet element.

Sweet Bites

Multigrain crackers are work well with the mild, buttery flavor of brie. This type of pairing highlights the subtle nuttiness in the cheese without overwhelming it. Brie also pairs well with sliced fruit, chutneys and preserves or drizzled honey. Using this type of cracker works well with both the brie and accompanying fruit. Multigrain crackers are a healthier choice than standard white crackers or saltines.

Savory Pairing

If you plan on serving your brie solo with a sprinkling of fresh herbs or finely chopped garlic, then pair it with a sesame cracker. The earthy flavor of the cracker balances out the fattiness of the cheese and doesn't clash with its flavor or overwhelm the flavors of the herbs. This choice makes sense when serving your brie topped with walnuts or pecans, as the nutty cracker complements their flavors.