60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

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A 60th wedding anniversary is a landmark date for any couple, but it's especially personal if your parents are the ones celebrating. Diamonds are the theme for a 60th anniversary. While it may not be practical to give diamond-laden gifts to your parents for their special day, offering up treats and presents with a diamond theme commemorates the occasion.

Tasty Treats

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Prepare treats for your parents with diamonds as the theme for the edibles: cupcakes or a cake with a diamond design on the icing; diamond-shaped cookies frosted white or silver or healthy, homemade snack bars cut into diamond shapes are all potential gifts your parents can enjoy. Be sure to keep their dietary needs or restrictions in mind -- don't give them sweets if they are not supposed to eat them, for instance. Arrange a reservation for just the two of them, or include a small family group to help them celebrate at a favorite upscale restaurant.

Custom Creations

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Offer your parents a gift full of reminders of the year in which they were married, such as a handmade or custom-printed book featuring their wedding picture on the cover along with the words "Happy 60th Anniversary" and their names. Research the year they were married to find the most popular songs of that year, along with clothing styles or pictures of businesses or local landmarks from their town in that era. Custom publishers print books with newsworthy images from the year of their marriage, along with personal name meanings and a few other personal touches, provided by you. If you wish to handle the task yourself, compose a few personalized notes and gather images to compile into a book. Print the book through a local print shop or online publisher, or compile a photo album yourself.

Stunning in Silver and White

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Silver and white are reminiscent of diamonds and serve as a color scheme for gifts you may give your parents, such as a bouquet of white flowers in a crystal vase decorated with a silver ribbon. A silver tie emblazoned with a diamond suits the father who wears ties; offer your mother a scarf or wrap with a diamond logo on it or sparkly silver trim. A commemorative 60th anniversary plate along with a plate stand is a suitable gift if your parents collect or display dishware.

Surprise Getaway

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Take your parents on a trip to a place they may have visited around the time of their wedding or honeymoon, or purchase the tickets and make reservations for them for a getaway for two, if such a trip suits them. Or whip up a fun trip visiting local businesses that may have the word "diamond" in it, such as a diamond diner or even a baseball diamond, if they enjoy the sport. Offer small trinkets or handwritten poems on attractive gift cards as you reach each point along your excursion.

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