Esthetician Gifts

makeup display and brush after makeup was done image by Nellie Vin from

If you have a friend who is an esthetician, then get her a gift that will help her bring out the beauty of others and pamper herself. The job of estheticians is to cleanse skin, give facials and body treatments, apply makeup and give head and neck massages, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You may find estheticians who remove hair through laser and wax treatments and wash and condition hair.

Personalized Beauty Bag

Fill a personalized beauty bag with a few key favorite makeup products that you know your friend likes. You will need to budget accordingly for this gift. Purchase a cute beauty bag and have it embroidered with a special message for your esthetician friend. An example of messages you can have embroidered on a beauty bag include the following: "Be Beautiful!," "I Love My Esthetician!" and "Estheticians Rock!"

Tote Bags

Purchase a canvas tote bag designed specifically for estheticians. You friend can fill her tote bag with many of the items she needs for work. When she is not at work, she can use the bag for toting items to the gym or carrying groceries. The front of the canvas bag displays a graphic related to beauty and a message related to being an esthetician. You can purchase these bags from online vendors. Some examples of graphics and messages include the following: A graphic of a woman with a towel wrapped around her head and a green mask on her face with a message displaying the salon's name or the name of the esthetician, or a bag with the message "World's Greatest Esthetician."

Esthetician Water Bottle

Purchase a personalized water bottle for an esthetician friend. Because estheticians work with skin and work to promote the health of skin through cleansing, circulation and waxing, you can encourage your friend in her work with a personalized water bottle. You can purchase the bottle from an online vendor and have her name, salon name or a message printed on the bottle. An example might be the following: "Drink to the health of your skin!"