How to Make an Elderly Activities Calendar

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If you are taking care of an elderly person or work at a home for elderly people, you may want to schedule your activities on a monthly calendar. Having activities planned for elderly people helps improve social functions and quality of life for some. Creating an elderly activities calendar will allow you to be organized in your daily and monthly routines.


Make a list of all of the activities that will take place during the month or year, dependent on how far in advance you are making the calendar. Some ideas of what to place on the activities calendar are set activities that happen regularly such as medication taking, daily walks, medication visits. Also list items that may only happen once in a while, such as arts and crafts or visits from family.

Create a key for yourself that will help as a space saver when you input your information on a calendar. For instance taking your elderly friend for a walk may be listed as DW (for daily walk). Make sure to write out your key so you will not forget what the initials mean.

Find an activity calendar template for seniors, using a weekly, monthly or yearly calendar. You can choose any of the three depending on how many activities you need to include on your calendar. Print out the template for the number of months you are interested in using. You could also buy a calendar if you did not have access to a printer.

Write out the activities that you have listed in step 1 on the calendar in the relevant dates. If you are unsure of an activity, write it in pencil. This will make it much easier to change if your activity plans change.

Find a online calendar if you are comfortable with technology and want to be able to access your calendar from wherever you have Internet access. Websites such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail all integrate a calendar function with their email accounts, and most can send handy reminder alerts to compatible cellphones. It's convenient way to create activity calendars for seniors who are comfortable with technology, as well as their caregivers.