How to Entertain Bored Teenagers

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Boredom in teens often leads to complaining and sometimes mischief. While teens don't generally like to be told what to do, helping your teen stay entertained benefits both of you. Breaks from school are often times when teens become bored. Gear up for school breaks with a list of activity ideas for your child. Each teen is different in his interests and hobbies, so taking your child's personality into consideration helps you create a well-received list of ways to stay entertained.

Set boundaries and guidelines for entertainment options, such as whether or not your teen is allowed to ride with other teen drivers. Establish a curfew and a system of communicating when your teen goes on her own for entertainment activities.

Sit down with your teen to make a list of entertainment ideas. Include activities like visiting friends, starting a garden, scrapbooking, bedroom redecoration or playing sports.

Sign your teen up for a community sports team if he wants to participate. Offer him the chance to attend a summer camp designed for teens.

Organize family nights with activities that will entertain your teen. Schedule a movie or game night, complete with a homemade meal that the whole family helps to prepare.

Volunteer with your teen for a charity that interests her. Look up local charities together so she can help select the group.

Plan a family vacation with the help of your teen. The planning process keeps your teen occupied until the actual vacation.