Band Banquet Ideas

Tom Fowlks/Photodisc/Getty Images

After a year of hard work making your band the best it can be, a year-end banquet is a nice way to celebrate your achievements. Adding a few special touches and musical themes can make the dinner a memorable one. Start by using your school's colors as a theme.

Display Table

Set up a display table to show off awards won throughout the current season. Place a photograph of each band member in their uniform in a 5-inch by 7-inch frame. Frames can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores, or ask parents to donate a frame for their child. If you place the photo behind matting, the matting can be signed by other band members or musical staff for a special memento that the student can take home at the end of the night.

Musical Notes and Instruments

Decorate the walls with musical notes and various instruments, such as trombones, flutes and violins. Cut musical notes out of black construction paper and tack to the walls with sticky tack. Attach instruments to the wall with floral wire and nails. Simply wrap the wire around a portion of the instrument that will not damage it. Once wrapped around a couple of times, twist the wire and create a loop that can be hooked over a nail. For larger instruments, such as drums or a cello, find a corner of the room to set up a display. You may want to borrow some musical stands and sheets of music as well.


Before the evening officially begins, host a few games to keep early arrivals entertained. Play a version of "Name That Tune" for a nice tie-in to the musical theme. Create a musical quiz game, creating questions about band music, different instruments and trivia about the school's band. Include prizes such as MP3 gift cards, an MP3 player, tickets to local concerts or CDs of popular musicians.


Consider hiring a local band for entertainment. The musicians at the banquet and their families will appreciate the live music touch. If you cannot afford to hire a band, consider putting together a CD of music the band has played during the year and have that playing. Another option is to create a picture slideshow of moments from band competitions, band camp and practices and put that slideshow to the band's music.