What Are Some Cute Ideas to Bring Your Sick Girlfriend Besides Soup?

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When you are used to seeing your girlfriend in her usually vibrant state, it can be jarring to see her practically helpless when she gets hit with a bad cold, the flu or worse. Bringing her soup is helpful, but you can do better than that. Go above and beyond with a variety of other helpful and sweet items that are sure to lift her sprits and get her back on her feet in no time.

Bring Her Get Well Messages

The easiest thing you can do is pick up a cute get-well card from the store to bring over to your girlfriend. However, she'll appreciate it much more if you write your own get well message. Break out the crayons and construction paper and make her a cute, simple card. Feel free to draw stick figures, happy faces and other cutesy, kid-like pictures. Come up with a sweet line about hoping she gets better soon. Another idea is to create a gigantic card that is half the size of your body, out of large poster board, which would really get her attention.

Bring Her Food

Soup is hardly the only food items that would make your girlfriend feel better when she's under the weather. Bring her a basket of oranges over to make fresh-squeezed orange juice for much-needed Vitamin C. Draw happy faces or feel better messages on the orange skins. You can do the same with bananas, which some people recommend for stomach flu recovery. Visit a gourmet teashop and pick up an organic ginger tea. Bring her a toasted turkey or chicken sandwich, cutting it up into bite-sized pieces to encourage her to eat it. Both turkey and chicken are lean protein that will give your girl the energy her body needs to fight. You can also pack everything in one large gift basket with a giant bow to complete the look.

Bring Her Entertainment

If your girl is stuck in bed for a few days, she will certainly appreciate you coming over with something to keep her entertained. Scan her movie collection and bring over something she doesn't have that you know she will like, or bring over a DVD set of the last season of a TV show she loves, which is ideal if she has a few episodes to catch up on. Stop by the magazine aisle of the grocery store and pick up all the fashion, gossip and entertainment magazines that catch your eye. Put a sticky note on the cover of each one telling her why she might find each one interesting. For example, on one magazine, you might put "Read this one to see your favorite actor shirtless on page 44."

Bring Her Sweet Gifts

Come bearing sweet gifts your girl won't soon forgot. Melt her heart with an adorable teddy bear she can cuddle while she is sick. You could also bring her a bright-colored bouquet of flowers to brighten up her room a bit. Make a booklet with 50 reasons why you want her to get better, and put one reason on each page, with a graphic of some sort. If the situation is a little more serious and your girlfriend is in the hospital, your girl might appreciate a cute pair of pajamas or a personal, designer hospital gown, which you can find from several online businesses.