Fun Games for a 21-Year-Old's Birthday Party

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A birthday party to celebrate a 21st birthday means a lot of things to a lot of people. It means those young teenage years are long behind you, and a lifetime of adulthood sits before you. If you are planning a party for someone who is getting ready to turn 21 years old, plan some games that will celebrate the day, embrace the fun and look toward the future.


You can play silly games, such as memory games or musical chairs. The first person to make a mistake in the game should be punished, either by sitting out the next round or drinking. This can be a fun way to enjoy a drink throughout the evening. However, you should never force anyone to drink, if he doesn't want to or to swallow the drink too quickly. Let him sit out of the next round and enjoy a beer slowly while everyone plays.


If your party includes people who are under the age of 21, don't tempt them or yourself by pushing alcohol on everyone by using it in games. Play games that don't include alcohol. Think about classic games that get everyone talking and laughing. Remember the telephone games of your youth. Have everyone sit in a circle. Start with one person who whispers a secret into the ear of the next person. By the end of the circle, everyone will be laughing and talking about how the message changed. This game works best for great friends who just enjoy being together.


Come up with a list of trivia questions about alcohol and drinks. Test guests on the names of drinks and tools. Ask them to name the dates of the prohibition act and the history of certain drinks. Test them on the history of wine and beer in America. The winner can win a fine bottle of wine or liquor.

Mix It Up

Let the party be a time to get to know the culinary skills behind alcoholic drinks. Purchase some tools, such as a cocktail shaker, shot glasses and a blender. Buy lemons, limes, juices, liquors and other ingredients. Make a variety of drinks, label each with a number; have your guests taste each. Print a card for them to write their guesses of the ingredients of each drink. You can make nonalcoholic options for nondrinkers.


Use birthday games at the 21-year-old's party to remind your guests about and reinforce some basic safety rules regarding drinking. Do not let anyone get out of control. Use the games to distract everyone from the alcohol and to slow down the consumption. You don't necessarily need to spend the entire time drinking. Play games, and keep everyone safe.